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Italian language courses for foreigners


Centro Diffusione Lingue arranges Italian language & culture courses for single students or very small groups throughout the whole year.

The classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers and the syllabus is customized to fit the students’ knowledge, needs and requests. The schedules, the starting times and the number of weekly classes will be agreed with the student.

If desired, Centro Diffusione Lingue is more than happy to arrange accommodation in a B&B, host family or hotel (the student will be informed about the different prices related to the kind of accommodation chosen).

Each class lasts 60 minutes. The prices per hour are:

  • Individual class: 35 €
  • Groups of 2 students: 20 € per person
  • Groups of 3 students : 18 € per person

Some Information regarding Padua

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Padua is a beautiful historical University city located in the north-east of Italy, about a 20-minute-train-ride from Venice, and has many monuments and attractions worth visiting:

Cappella degli Scrovegni with Giotto’s frescos
Prato della Valle, one of the biggest and most stunning squares in Europe
– The Botanical Garden, founded in 1545
– The ancient Palazzo del Bo’, where one of the world’s most ancient universities has its historical location and you
can still admire Galilei’s former professor’s desk.
– The Basilica of St Antonio, visited every year by pilgrims from all over the world

Furthermore, Padua is very close to other fascinating historical places that you can easily reach by train: Venice (20-minute-train-ride), Verona ( 50-minute-train-ride), Vicenza  (20-minute-train-ride), the ancient thermal baths of Abano and Montegrotto and of the Colli Euganei (15 minutes by train), the Ancient Venetian Villas – just to mention a few.

Centro Diffusione Lingue can provide you with detailed programmes of cultural and musical events in Padua and its surroundings.

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